The nitrogen content of samples may be determined by Kjeldahl analysis. By this technique, sample nitrogen is converted into ammonium sulfate by sulfuric acid digestion. Strong sodium hydroxide is added followed by steam distillation of the ammonia generated. The final step is titration of the ammonium ions collected from the distillate in an acidic matrix. DB Lab offers Kjeldahl analyses performed according to Ph.Eur., USP or methods developed and validated by ourselves.

As an alternative to the Kjeldahl analysis, the nitrogen content may be determined by elemental analysis which is a technique also offered by DB Lab.

DB Lab's Kjeldahl instrument is a FOSS 2100 Kjeltec System distillation unit:

  • KT200 Kjeltec destillation unit
  • Tecator Digestor
  • Exhaust for digestor
  • Digenstion tubes (250 mL)


Karina A. Barington

Karina A. Barington

Quality assurance and chemical analyses

MSc in chemical engineering