The chemical laboratory

DB Lab has a well-equipped chemical laboratory and performs routine analyses on different sample types.  


The analyses are performed according to proprietary methods as well as official regulations such as the different Pharmacopoeia, AOAC and Methods outlined by the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.

These are a few examples of our analytical expertise in chemistry: 

  • QC release analyses of pharmaceuticals and raw materials according to Ph.Eur., USP, BP, JP.
  • Method development, method optimisation, validation and method transfer
  • Stability and photostability
  • Dissolution profiles
  • Cleaning validation
  • Trouble shooting
  • Vitamin ad mineral analyses
  • Analyses on medical devices
  • Analyses of herbal medicinal products
  • Tobacco analyses
  • Control of plastic utensils, e.g. measurement of residual solvents
  • Control of packaging materials, e.g. ID of materials by IR
  • Elemental analyses
  • Fermentation products/growth media control, e.g. determination of amino acid composition